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At Drill Source, we know that trust comes from what we do, not just what we say. We work hard to be a dependable partner in drilling. Our focus on doing a great job, providing quality, being open, and making customers happy has made us a trustworthy choice in the drilling industry. When you pick Drill Source, you're choosing a reliable friend who is committed to meeting your drilling needs with honesty and skill.

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Hercules Breakout
Hydraulic Break Out Tong

• Range: 3-1/2 - 12" tooling
• Thrust Force: 110,000 N
• Rotation Torque: 55,000 Nm
• Diesel or Electric motor options
• Fork Lift pockets

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RS-100 Rod Spinner

• Suitable for B, N, H, P rods and NW & HW casing
• Self centering jaw set with funnel style rod guide for ease of operation.
• Single lever control by driller or offsider.
• Floating support arm with approximately 200mm of travel.

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Son-Mak Drill Rigs
RX4 core drill

• Depth Capacity: 715m (H)
• Proven reliability
• Cummins diesel
• Pipe range - B-P series
• 4 speed rotation unit
• Hydraulic P chuck system.
• Track | Truck | Skid options

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Knowing how much something is worth, whether you're buying, selling, dealing with finances, legal matters, or taxes, is crucial for business. We are certified experts in evaluating equipment and are registered with the AAVA. We also have professional insurance. Our valuation services are used by drilling companies around the world, as well as by financiers, experts handling insolvency, and legal professionals.

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Our fee is a percentage

As a broker, our fee is a percentage of
the selling/buying fee

We are not a dealer

Drill Source doesn’t buy equipment for
resale like a dealer

40+ Years experience

Over 40 years of drilling industry

Who is Drill Source

Drill Source has a comprehensive range of new & used drilling rigs and drilling equipment.

We regularly update our database with drilling equipment and what is listed for sale is showing here.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact our sales team who are experienced in sourcing all types of new & used drill rigs, compressors, booster, pumps and drilling equipment.

At Drill Source, we are always looking for good late model drilling rigs and drilling equipment.

Equipment For Sale

Do you have equipment to sell?

At Drill Source, we are always looking for good late model drilling rigs and drilling equipment.

We are currently looking for:

RC, RAB, diamond core, water well, drill-blast, geotechnical, oil field / work-over and other modes of drill rigs or compressors, boosters, pumps, rod sloops, track carriers or trucks.