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RX-4 Surface Coring Drill

RX-4 surface coring drill is fully hydraulic diamond core drilling rig, designed for surface research drillings. It is the perfect combination of the proven RX concept, combined with new and powerful components.

The RX-4 uses well proven technology for diamond core drills combined with new improvements in order to get easy drill operation. Hydraulic jacks, mast dump, hinged top mast and all controls available at the control panel provide the driller an easy set-up. Other features such as the strong main winch, powerful direct feed cylinder, advanced diesel engine,telescopic mast and Hydraulic Rod Holder.

RX-4 Coring Rig rotation speed, power and rotation unit aperture diameter is designed to give optimal performance in 60-122.6 mm (B-P) diameter wireline or conventional drilling. RX-4, drilling unit, power unit, wireline unit (automatic winding system), main winch control of the mixer and mud pump are performed from the operator panel.

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The gauge located on the operator panel RX-4 surface coring drill displays, the drilling rig advancement position:
  • Hold back force,
  • Feed force,
  • Rotation speed,
It can observe the data and is able to control the diesel engines. RX-4 can be mounted on 3 different chassis.
  • Skid frame
  • Wheel frame
  • Crawler frame
RX-4 drilling rig, as progress is being achieved with the drilling rig hydraulic cylinder, more precise settings can be done. RX-4 drilling rig, automatic rod removal, and clamping feature allow high progress rate, optimal core percentage, and big-time save.