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Levent 1001 Core Drilling Rig

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The Levent 1001 Core Drilling Rig unit can be powered by an electric motor or diesel engine. When the drill rig is eguipped with the electrical power unit, as an optional diesel engine for tramming is available. The compact design and light weight, makes the Levent 1001 easy and fast to set-up for drilling. This in turn offers guicker moves between drill sites, without disturbing normal production routines in the mine or grouting seguences in dam galleries. Toachieve the best results with regard to:
  • High penetration
  • Optimal core recovery
  • and low drilling costs
Itis of primary importance that drill rods,core barrels and coring bits are of the right type and gualitymatched to the rock drill and to the prevailing rock conditions.   Bearing in mind core drill’s speed of rotation,its rating and chuck diameter, the LEVENT 1001 is best suited to drill holes 36-46 mm in diameter (A). The spindle inner diameter is 50 mm (1.97 in) In the A-size rotation unit. SON-MAK www.son-mak.com.tr   The below drill depth capacities only serve as guidelines and refer to vertical down drilling. SON-MAK cannot guarantee that these results can be achieved in all drilling conditions.
Size Meters U.S. System (ft)
A Wireline. 120 400
AW 100 330
AWJ 100 330
  Rotation Unit
Power Hydraulic Motor
Type Hydraulic Closed, Spring Open
Spindle Inner Diameter 50 mm (1.97 in)
Chuck Axial Holding Force 26 kN (5845 lbf)
Maximum Torque 250 Nm (184 lbf.ft)
Spindle Speed Range 540 – 2200 rpm.
  Rod Holder Unit
Type Hydraulic Open, Disc Spring Closed
Maximum Rod Size 52 mm (1.98 in)
Holding Force 12 kN (2700 lbf)