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Levent 3003 Core Drilling Rig

Levent 3003 core drilling rig rotation speed, power and rotation unit aperture diameter is designed to give optimal performance in BO-HO diameter wireline or conventional drilling.

Levent 3003 is a fully hydraulic diamond drilling rig with wide range of accessories. The underground and surface are suitable to work in various drilling methods. Levent 3003® is designed for underground or surface core drilling and conventional drilling methods also exploration drilling in the tunnel.


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Levent 3003 Core Drilling Rig, the fully hydraulic drilling rig represents the latest and most advanced technology. Rod tightening and removal, pressing, wireline winch, etc. are operated from a control panel mounted on a separate chassis. A standard Levent 3003 consists of three main parts; Drilling unit, Control panel and Power unit. Optionally, the drilling rig can be mounted on a crawler. For underground works narrow crawler, for surface works width crawler is preferred.