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Levent 2002 Core Drilling Rig

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LEVENT 2002 Core Drilling Rig uses the best technology available for diamond core drills. All tube jointing, thread breaking,feeding,wireline hoist sequences,are controlled from a control console which can be positioned to suit the setup. Feeding is done by a direct cylinder and chain system. The drill can be equipped with three different feed lenghts,and two different sizes of rotation units to suit rod size and drilling applications. The drill unit can be powered by an electric motor or diesel engine. When the drill rig is equipped with the electric power unit, an optional diesel engine for tramming is available. It is of primary importance that drill rods,core barrels and coring bits are of the right type and quality,matched to the rock drill and to the prevailing rock conditions. Bearing in mind core drill’s speed of rotation,its rating and chuck diameter, LEVENT 2002 is best suited to drill holes 48-76 mm in diameter (A-N) using both conventional as well as wire line rods. The spindle inner diameter is 78 mm (3.07 in) in the N-size rotation unit.