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ELGi PG 1250S-500

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ELGi’s Global series diesel powered portable compressors are equipped with our own industry leading energy efficient eta-V profile airends, the most robust in the entire industry. With over two decades of expertise in water-well drilling, ELGi compressors are developed to meet expectations of deeper, faster and cost effective drilling.  It’s time tested technology and high reliability of the compressors are added benefits.

Compressor Specifications:

  • FAD Displacement Air (CFM) – 1250
  • Operating Pressure (psi)- 330

Engine Specifications:

  • NTA 855C
  • Cummins


  • Length (mm): 3,995
  • Width (mm): 1,600
  • Height (mm): 1,875
  • Dry Weight: 5350 KG