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3 Rig Package

In the drilling industry, equipment reliability is more than just a desirable trait; it’s an essential component that can significantly influence project outcomes. Among the leading names in this sector, Drillwest has consistently set high standards in terms of equipment availability, reliability and performance.

Drillwest’s commitment to continuous innovation ensures that their equipment remains at the forefront, providing consistent reliability and reduced downtime. This commitment not only minimises operational issues but also translates to substantial cost savings for clients. Moreover, regular maintenance protocols and a responsive support system further enhance the equipment’s longevity and performance.

In a demanding industry where reliability can make or break a project, Drillwest’s equipment delivers.

Rig 1 package consists of the following:-

Schramm T450H – Sullair 1150/500 compressor | Cummins KTTA19 diesel | KL rod loader | dump mast | V pack coolers | fire suppression | dust collector | dual breakout system | Mercedes Benz 4144 8×8 prime mover.
Hino GT1 dual cab 4×4 | ROPS | HMF hydraulic crane | diesel fuel tank with transfer pumps & hose reeler, folding stairs / hand rails.
Iveco HD9 8×8 480hp with Ox Engineering 8m tray. Sullair 1150/350 – 900/500 combo – C15 Caterpillar diesel. Keypower 8V92T 1800/900 booster.
Iveco HD9 8×8 480 hp support tuck  | Ox Engineering 8m tray, with hand rails & stairs, dual spare wheel loaders, tool & storage boxes | Fuel tanks with transfer pump, hose reeler | water tank.

Rig 2 package consists of the following:-
Austex X300RC air core / RC drill –  3m stroke | dump mast | tilting rod bin | Atlas Copco XRV9 compressor | Caterpillar 3406T diesel | fire suppression | dust collector sampling system | Hurricane 636 booster | Scania 124C prime mover.
Scania 124C 6×6 support truck | 4000 litre fuel tanks with transfer pumps & hose reeler | 2000 litre water tank | dual spare wheel loaders | hand rails and stairs
Toyota Hilux dual cab 4×4 crew vehicle


Rig 3 package consists of the following:-
Austex X350 RC
Atlas Copco XRV10, Caterpillar diesel. 6m stroke | KL rod loader | dual breakout table | Drill Sampling dust collector | fire suppression | external 8 rod carousel | hand rails & stairs | Air Research 8V92 booster | Iveco 450 6×6 prime mover.
Iveco Tracker 6×6 tray top support truck
Bramerre tri axle pig trailer 5 m tray | hand rails & stairs | combustible rated storage box
Toyota Hilux dual cab diesel 4×4


Hurricane 636-41B
Hurricane 276-M1 PTO – new
6 man sleeper | kitchen | laundary
Outpost 8 man sleeper
Outpost 4 berth | ablution | kitchen
Atlas Copco
XRVS1000 Caterpillar C13
silenced unit | Caterpillar diesel
Heavy Trailer
Wabco tandem axle skul trailer | Ox Engineering 27,000 litre self bunded steel fuel tank with access platform | diesel driven fuel transfer pump | hose reeler & fuel metre
Custom single axle trailer | 4000 litre fuel tank | rod racks

Heavy Vehicles
Hino GT1 dual cab 4×4 | 4000 litre fuel tank | Maxlift hydraulic crane
Hino GT500 4×4 tray top | MAP ROPS | Keverk 1500 hydraulic crane | tool cabinet
Mack Fleetliner 6×4 prime mover | bull bar 
Custom Carrier 6×6 cab chassis
Iveco HD8 8×8 | Ox Engineering steel tray | ROPS / FOPS | tools boxes | spare wheel loaders | hand rails & stairs
Scania P 6×6 service truck
MAN KTMA 2100 6×6 tray top | Hiab 244 hydraulic crane
Light vehicles
Ford Ranger tray back ute
Ford Ranger XLT dual cab ute

Tandem axle fridge trailer | 2 compartments with seperate controls
Rapid Plastics 10,000 litre water tank on skid base
Schramm T685 drill base
Schramm T45o mast assembly | dump plate | rotation head | KL rod loader | spin cage
Caterpillar 3406TA engine. Full rebuild
Ox Engineering sample trailer | cyclone | cone splitter | tandem axle trailer | 4 hydraulic jacks
Boart Longyear jack up skid base