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Coretech CRA1000A Ref No 5455

The Coretech CRA1000A is designed for multi purpose drilling, high capacity & heavy duty drilling for diamond core or RC drilling modes.

Rated at

  • B – 3,000m
  • N – 2,400m
  • H – 1,600m
  • P – 1,100m
  • RC – 4-1/2″ – 320m

This rig is new and available for immediate delivery in Australia.

Being sold with full spare parts package.

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Coretech CRA1000A track mounted multi purpose

  • Cummins 6LTA8.9-C325
  • Rotation Unit top drive 1,180 Rpm
  • Max torque 11,400Nm
  • Stroke 7.3m
  • Pull Back 25,000kg
  • Mast 13.4m overall length
  • Dump 1.4m
  • Drill angle 45-90
  • Main winch 19,000 kg bare drum 25m – 26mm rope
  • Wireline winch 2,000 kg bare drum 2,500m 6.6mm rope
  • Hydraulic foot clamp BS, NS, HS, PS, PW
  • KL style Rod loader
  • 4 hydraulic jacks with extendable width
  • Rod bin
  • Dual make break system
  • Triplex pumps
This rig is new and ready to work