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Desco SP6500SA Track Mounted Drill (Ref No 5363)

Desco SP6500SA
Track mounted multi purpose drill
Delivered 2011
1300 hours only
Multi purpose head
Hyundai D6AZ turbo diesel
Desco Rod loader

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A Brief Introduction to Desco 6500 Drill

The Desco SP6500SA is indeed a renowned model, known for its multipurpose functionalities and trusted by professionals worldwide. It includes features like:
  • Multi-purpose head: Adaptable for various drilling applications.
  • Hyundai D6AZ turbo diesel engine: A robust and fuel-efficient choice.
  • Desco Rod loader: Enhancing the loading capacity.
  • Hydraulic Make / Break table: Ensuring smoother operations.
  • Water injection pump, Dump mast, and Hydraulic jacks: Additional features to increase efficiency and safety.
The model also includes a package of spare parts and accessories, ranging from swivels to hydraulic pumps and head spares. Delivered 2011 1300 hours only Multi purpose head Hyundai D6AZ turbo diesel Desco Rod loader Hydraulic Make / break table Water injection pump Dump mast 4 hydraulic jacks

Being sold with a range of spare parts, swivels, blow down / back. Hydraulic pumps and head spares.

300m x 4” 6m RC (near new) 200m x 4-1/2” 3m RC pipe

Question 1.
Q.: What are Desco drill rigs known for?
A.: Desco drill rigs are renowned for their exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility in various drilling applications, making them a preferred choice for construction, mining, and geotechnical exploration projects.

Question 2.
Q.: Can you provide an overview of the Desco SP6500SA model?
A.: Certainly. The Desco SP6500SA is a flagship drill rig model offered by Desco. It’s designed to deliver high levels of productivity and precision, equipped with advanced features that make it suitable for a wide range of drilling tasks.

Question 3.
Q.: What types of drilling methods can the Desco SP6500SA perform?
A.: The Desco SP6500SA excels in multiple drilling techniques, including rotary drilling, core drilling, and reverse circulation drilling. This versatility allows it to handle tasks such as mineral exploration, geotechnical sampling, and water well drilling.

Question 4.
Q.: How does the Desco SP6500SA ensure accurate drilling results?
A.: The Desco SP6500SA incorporates cutting-edge technology, including advanced drilling controls and monitoring systems. These systems enable precise control over drilling parameters such as rotation speed, torque, and feed force, ensuring accurate hole placement and consistent sample recovery.

Question 5.
Q.: What sets the Desco SP6500SA apart in terms of mobility?
A.: Mobility is a strong suit of the Desco SP6500SA. It features a crawler undercarriage that provides excellent maneuverability even in challenging terrains. This allows the rig to access remote or difficult-to-reach drilling locations with ease.

Question 6.
Q.: Are there customizable options available for the Desco SP6500SA?
A.: Yes, Desco understands the importance of catering to specific project requirements. The Desco SP6500SA offers customization options such as drilling depth capabilities, rod handling systems, and onboard data logging features, allowing customers to tailor the rig to their unique needs.

Question 7.
Q.: How does the Desco SP6500SA contribute to operator safety?
A.: The Desco SP6500SA prioritizes operator safety through its design and features. It includes safety elements such as emergency shut-off switches, protective guarding around moving parts, and user-friendly controls that minimize the risk of accidents during operation.

Question 8.
Q.: What are some key efficiency-enhancing features of the Desco SP6500SA?
A.: Efficiency is a hallmark of the Desco SP6500SA. It boasts features like automatic rod handling, which reduces manual intervention and speeds up the drilling process. Additionally, its advanced hydraulic systems optimize power distribution for faster and smoother drilling operations.

Question 9.
Q.: How does the Desco SP6500SA contribute to environmental sustainability?
A.: Desco is committed to environmental responsibility, and the SP6500SA reflects this commitment. It incorporates fuel-efficient engines and emission control systems, reducing its carbon footprint. Furthermore, its efficient drilling mechanisms minimize energy consumption, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Question 10.
Q.: Can you describe the after-sales support provided by Desco for the SP6500SA?
A.: Desco takes pride in offering comprehensive after-sales support for the SP6500SA. This includes operator training programs to ensure safe and efficient rig operation. Additionally, their customer support team is readily available to assist with technical inquiries, maintenance guidance, and troubleshooting to keep your rig operating at its best.